Maghchiche Abdelhak

Maghchiche Abdelhak

Batna2 university, Algeria

Valorization Of Date Palm Seeds For Water Treatment


Date kernels was a lignocellulose waste, which is remaining largely unutilized at present date industry generating thousands of million metric tons of waste biomass per year, date kernels represent an average of 10% of the date fruit. Thus, there is an urgent need to find suitable applications, for this waste. This work was an approach to the valorization of date waste products. To recover the date waste and the possibility of its use in water treatment for finding gainful solutions of the date kernels waste problem. Three types of activated carbon material from date kernels were prepared: crushed and carbonized of activated carbon was obtained and used as adsorbents for water treatment. The first material was carbonized at 600°C, the two other types of material were respectively pretreated chemically, with nitric acid (10N) for one and phosphoric acid (40%) for the other followed by carbonization at 450°C for both materials. A comparative study with a commercial activated carbon (Merck) has studied.

The different essays were done for each material prepared (moisture rate and ash, pH, concentration, mass, granulometry, etc.…).The materials obtained were characterized by different methods like TGA, SEM, BET, and FTIR.The results obtained indicate a strong potential of date kernels to be used in water treatment applications. The date kernels may provide an important economic advantage, through the utilization of this waste while also additive value will be added to the residue.


Keywords:Activated carbon, date kernels,Waste valorization, Adsorption, water treatment.